Chapter I: Growing Up In Japan (1948-1968)


   Birth and Early Childhood

   Shindo Jinen Ryu Karate and Ninjutsu

   Kendo, Judo, Baseball, Iaido, and Kobudo

   All-Japan Karate Champion

   Leaving Japan


Chapter II: Early Life In America (1968-1980)


   Arrival in Los Angeles, California

   Pasadena City College

   Japanese Village and Deer Park

   Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour

   Tournament Championships

   Marriage and Children

   The Godfather Part II

   Six Killers

   America Bangmungaeg (Visitor of America)

   The Bad News Bears Go To Japan

   The Richard Pryor Show and Romper Room

   Martial Arts Magazines

   Martial Arts Promotion Union Asian Tours

   Hollywood Open Karate Championships


Chapter III: The Ninja Years (1981-1987)


   Enter the Ninja

   Eric Van Lustbader's The Ninja

   Ninjutsu Tournament in Phoenix

   Revenge of the Ninja

   Ninja III: The Domination

   The Master

   9 Deaths of the Ninja

   Aloha Summer

   Pray For Death

   Master Class

   Ninja Theater Hosted By Sho Kosugi

   Sho Kosugi Ninja Fan Club

   Sho Kosugi Ninja Enterprises Inc.

   Rage of Honor

   Honda Hurricane Motorcycle commercial

   NAD (Ninjas Against Drugs)

Chapter IV: A Time of Expansion (1987-1998)


   Black Eagle

   Blind Fury

   Sho Kosugi Production Inc.

   Kane and Sho Kosugi American Dream Club

   Books written by Sho Kosugi

   Journey of Honor

   Reunion with Golan and Firstenberg

   Ryukyu no Kaze (Dragon Spirit)

   Kyokuto Kuroshakai (Drug Connection)

   Ultraman Powered: The Ultimate Hero

   Za Kakuto Oh (The Fighting King)

   Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

   Sho Kosugi's Self Defense and Ninjaerobics

   Sei Ryu Densetsu (Legend of St. Dragon)

   Tenchu: Stealth Assassins


Chapter V: New Endeavors (1998-2004)


   SKI (Sho Kosugi Institute)

   Ninja Taiko and The Scorpion King

   The Search For Spock and Madamunmun

   SKI Promotional Videos

   Sportsman No. 1 Playoffs

   Muscle Elite Muscle Gym

   Soredemo, Nippon ga Suki! (Still, I Like Japan!)

   The Ninjas From Hollywood

   Kane's Decision


Chapter VI: Return of the Ninja (2005-Present)


   Return of the Ninja

   Sho Kosugi's Towel Exercise

   Kane Kosugi in DOA: Dead Or Alive and War

   Shane Kosugi in The Last Samurai and Kage

   Ninja Assassin

   Kane Kosugi in Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

   Ayeesha Kosugi

   The Art of Hollywood Ninja Action Film Making

   KYS Studio and The Heroes

   Yin-Yang Code Books

   An Evening with the Legendary Sho Kosugi