So, there you have it my friends.  An absolutely massive all-encompassing almost encyclopedic presentation of every ninja, samurai, and kobudo weapon featured in every single one of Sho Kosugi's films, tv shows, instructional videos, commercials, YouTube videos, etc... from the beginning of his career up to the present, along with a look at the official replicas, facsimiles, and collectors items, many of the knock-offs, proxies, custom replicas, and homemade and modified fan replicas of many of these awe-inspiring cinematic martial arts weapons.

Moreover, as a previously unplanned bonus, we also took a look at some of the other non-weapon props, official items, knock-offs, custom replicas, and some of the Sho-exploitational films and video games.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fans who generously contributed photos and other information to help make this as complete and accurate as possible.  Thanks again!  I hope you all liked what I did with your contributions to this Blog.

It's been 20+ years since I stated this site to honor and celebrate my childhood idol and the films, TV shows, and other projects he was a part of that were so important to me growing up, inspired me to study the martial arts, and sparked my admiration for Japanese history and culture.

I’ve enjoyed hosting this site and hearing from fans over the past 2 decades, but for a number of reasons which I won't go into, I've decided that this is the perfect time to bid you all a fond "Sayonara", as I've decided that this will in fact by my fansite's grand finale.

As a fan since I saw “Revenge of the Ninja” in 1983, I cannot think of a more fitting way to cap things off on this milestone anniversary for my fansite, than by doing it with this huge tribute Blog focused on the amazing martial arts weapons and other props that contributed so much to making Sho’s works a step above every other 1980s ninja production.

As with so many things in life, there’s never been enough time to do everything I'd planned to do for this site (though this final Blog covered a lot of it), but hopefully you’ve all found what I did put up to be interesting and informative like this Blog article and my previous one, and what I think is probably still my best article, the NINJA: THE SHO KOSUGI STORY biography.

The site hosting and domain are paid up until next year, so the site won’t be disappearing for a while.  And, even though I don't plan to continue my fansite after that, I will definitely find a way to archive it so that at the very least this Blog and other important elements will remain in existence somewhere.

Thanks for visiting my fansite all of these years.  I wish you all well as we continue to put this awful last year in the rear view mirror and head into what hopefully will be the end to this worldwide pandemic by the end of 2021.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and please do as Sho says and be a true ninja and wear your mask when you go out in public.