Over the course of his many years as a master martial artist, instructor, and action movie star, Sho Kosugi has displayed his incredible skills with numerous and often exotic martial arts weapons countless times and in virtually every form of media.  In this article we will examine all of these ninja, samurai, and kobudo weapons and tools, including some that were customized and/or specially designed by Master Kosugi himself.



It was clear right from the start of the amazing opening credits of ENTER THE NINJA, that weapons and especially the skillful use of them would be an integral element required to produce a successful and exciting ninja movie.  With a then unknown Sho Kosugi skillfully demonstrating the use of a variety of these awesome weapons, movie fans could not have had a better ambassador or a more striking and awesome introduction to the modern-day ninja and his deadly arsenal of exotic weapons.



If, like me, you grew up and experienced the 1980s ninja craze that swept through North America, South America, Europe, and the rest of the world following the release of ENTER THE NINJA in 1981 and REVENGE OF THE NINJA in 1983, then you and your friends were probably turning everything from a simple broom handle to a gardening tool into a ninja weapon in order to imitate the stuff you saw in Sho's films.


Over the 20+ years that I've had this fansite I've received emails and messages from fans from seemingly every corner of the globe asking me where to get weapons like the ones seen in Sho's films and TV shows.  Often unable to find any suitable facsimiles, some of us had weapons custom-made and/or made them ourselves, so this article will also look at a number of these fan collections, some of which also include weapons that were purchased from SHO KOSUGI NINJA ENTERPRISES, INC. in the 1980s, along with some actual props from Sho's films and TV shows.


So put on your ninja gi and tabi boots and join me on this journey into the past as we explore every single one of these glorious ninja, samurai, and kobudo weapons from Sho's career one by one, then take a closer look at some of these Original prop weapons, Official replicas, facsimiles, and collectors items, Unofficial knock-offs, proxies, and custom replicas, and Homemade and modified fan replicas, before ending our weapons' journey with a look at the New Sho Kosugi Black Ninja-To, a revised 2020 version of Sho's legendary ninja sword, personally assembled and sold by Sho Kosugi himself.


Finally, as an added bonus, we will also take a look at some of the more noteworthy NON-weapon props, items, and replicas associated with Sho and/or his various projects over the span of his career.