By this point you're probably tired of reading my words, so for this next section I will simply repost what Sho personally stated on July 8, 2020 about his personally re-designed New Sho Kosugi Black Ninja-To along with the great photos and subsequent updates he posted on Instagram:

My Dear Ninja fans,

It gives me a great pleasure to announce that I have almost finished making & assembling the most of around 40 New Sho Kosugi Ninja-Tos together. It has been taking me more than one year and a half to make those Ninja-Tos because of the difficulties of getting some of the new Swords' parts from China, Taiwan (Taipei China) & Japan, and what is worse, COVID-19 prohibited me from getting any parts or package from Japan at all. Therefore I couldn't help making and getting some parts, here in the US.

I spent enough time and money, but finally almost done. I would like to call these new Ninja-Tos as “the New Sho Kosugi Black Ninja-Tos (NSKBNTs) because all parts of this new Black Ninja-To except blades are “BLACK COLOR (painted with a Black Gross Paint)” It surely looks very mysterious and fascinating. When I was an infant (4-5 years old) in Japan, Mr. Yamamoto (I called him as “Uncle Yamamoto) always talked to me about a Ninja and the rare Black Ninja-To which once existed in Japan according to him. I really don't know whether it was true or not, but I had been thinking and dreaming of making this rare Black Ninja-To by myself.

To make these upgraded Black Ninja-Tos which I will be able to leave them to some of my dear Ninja-fans as my mementos which I personally re-design, re-modify, and assemble together before my life's END is one of my Life-Long Dreams. Finally my dream came “True.” Unfortunately I can only spare 30 New SK Black Ninja-Tos (NSKBNTs) with you beside my owns (10 or so) for my future movies or TV series. All 30 New SK Black Ninja-Tos (NSKBNTs) including mines are ALL hand-made by me, Sho Kosugi except blades and some parts. These New SK Black Ninja-Tos (NSKNTs) will be ONLY sold by Liplip Inc through the Instagram, @liplipinc. I am hoping that the lucky 30 persons will keep my New Sho Kosugi Black Ninja-Tos (NSKBNTs) FOREVER as my mementos.

Best Always,
Sho Kosugi












August 7, 2020 Info:


* Old Parts: Long and short blades, top and bottom metal sockets (Kashira & Kojiri )
* New Parts: Scabbard (Saya
), all small weapons & tools (小武器と小忍具), Throwing Hook (Nagekagi 投かぎ), and the rest of tools & strings.




August 9, 2020 Update:


We have only FOUR (4) left. We will continue to sell these 4 NSKBNTs till Aug 31st, but we will re-sell in Dec 1st, 2020 with the price of $2,000.00 + shipping fees ($50-USA, $100-Int) in case of not selling all four by the end of Aug 31st.




August 24, 2020 Update:


The New Sho Kosugi Black Ninja-Tos' sale will be over by Aug 31st. We have a week to go. Only 3 NSKBNTs are left. If you miss this opportunity, you have to wait for another sale on Dec 1st. The price will be $2,000.00 plus shipping fees.




August 31, 2020 - September 3, 2020:


Along with some great pictures, Sho also posted six short videos on Instagram showing the components of his New Sho Kosugi Black Ninja-To.














August 31, 2020 Update:


Because of your huge interests in the NSKBNTs, we have only ONE SWORD LEFT. We are asking Mr. Kosugi to make another 10 more, but no answer & no response from him at all!

Note: The last of these 30 New Sho Kosugi Black Ninja-To was purchased later that same day by our friend, and contributor to this blog, Jim.