(Published in the April 1987 issue of NINJA THE DEADLY WARRIOR magazine.)

Sho Kosugi, World's Greatest Ninja, leads NAD (Ninjas Against Drugs) in its fight against drugs. Sho and his sons, Kane and Shane want kids everywhere to say "NO" to drugs.

Sho has joined forces with NINJA THE DEADLY WARRIOR magazine and it's Executive Editor, International Martial Artist Michael DePasquale Jr., in its fight against drugs.

Sho has always been a leader in the battle for a clean, drug-free life for kids. Sho has spoken out against drugs on every available occasion. In all of his films, Sho always stresses "Good" will win against evil.

Sho believes that kids should go in for athletics, be good students, listen to their parents and grow up to be good citizens.

So help Sho by joining NAD in its fight against drugs to save the youth of America.

Sho Kosugi has taken the lead in fighting No. 1 Evil. Won't you follow by joining NAD?

Drugs are a threat to America. A killer. This enemy is all around us. Over one third of all kids in America use illegal drugs. In fact, one out of every 18 high school seniors smokes an average 3 marijuana joints every day. Drugs like marijuana and alcohol are often referred to as "Gateway" or "Stepping Stone" drugs, which means their abuse can lead to other drugs, like cocaine, heroine and angel dust.

Crack is a drug dealer's dream and a drug user's nightmare. It's inexpensive, easy to make and so addictive that the dealer will never have to look for customers. About a million Americans in 25 states have tried crack, many of them teenagers.

Learning to say "NO" at the beginning is the most valuable weapon in the war against drug abuse. It's important to get involved in activities that give you a natural "high" such as sports and the martial arts.

Ninjas Against Drugs (NAD) is an organization dedicated to helping the young people of today learn the facts about drug abuse, and more importantly learn how to say "NO". For the sake of our children and the future of our country, NAD invites all concerned people, parents and their children, to ban together and join NAD representative Sho Kosugi and his sons, Shane and Kane, and Michael DePasquale, Jr., the editor of Ninja the Deadly Warrior, and his staff in the Crusade Against Drugs. NAD plans to run an Anti-Drug column in each issue of NINJA THE DEADLY WARRIOR.