(Published in the June 1987 issue of NINJA THE DEADLY WARRIOR magazine.)

QUESTION: Have you written any books on Ninjitsu or any other martial arts, or do you plan to? Tracy Green, Austin, TX

ANSWER: I have been approached by several publishing companies about writing books and am negotiating titles and contents right now. I haven't come to a final decision yet though.

QUESTION: I would really love to be able to meet you in person or just talk to you on the phone. Is this possible? Lisa Wagner, Springdale, OH

ANSWER: If you join my Sho Kosugi Ninja Fan Club, news bulletins are regularly sent to members which let them know when I am going on promotional tours and where I will be. I have been able to meet a lot of fans that way. Also, every few months we have Sho Kosugi Ninja Fan Club Day and on that particular day, fan club members are able to call and talk to me on the phone. That has been a tremendous success.

QUESTION: I heard that you are trying to break away from doing "Ninja" movies. Is this true, and if so why? Bobby Holmes, Hoboken, NJ

ANSWER: Yes, it is true. I am planning on going into the production of movies, besides acting and I would like to do more "Secret Agent" type movies, because I feel that the time has come to broaden my horizons. Also, there have been so many "Ninja" movies made already, that I feel people are going to tire of them soon.

QUESTION: I just saw "Pray for Death" recently and would like to know where I can buy a helmet like the one you wore in the movie. Do you sell them? Jason Moore, Eureka, CA

ANSWER: I have had numerous requests from people wanting to buy a helmet like the one in "Pray for Death", but unfortunately it is not available for sale, even to me, because it was designed exclusively for the movie, and the designer has all rights to it. That is also the case with most of the weapons and uniforms used in my movies.