(Published in the April 1987 issue of NINJA THE DEADLY WARRIOR magazine.)

This is the first of many articles I intend to do in the NAD (Ninjas Against Drugs) campaign.

I am very pleased to be involved in the NAD program, as are my sons, Kane and Shane. I am the father of three children, Kane (12), Shane (10) and Ayeesha (3), and I don't ever want to see any of my children involved in drugs. I want them to have the best life possible.

I started training my children in the Martial Arts at a very young age in order to teach them self-control. Martial Arts training is very difficult and it takes a lot of strong determination, confidence and perseverance. The harder an individual works at it, the better it will pay off, because you will have learned some very important ways to deal with your life. And once you have learned, that knowledge will be with you forever.

Don't try the easy way out in order to succeed in life. You must work very hard to obtain the maximum of your abilities. The easy life never lasts very long, and you are only fooling yourself if you try to take the easy way out. Drugs are the easy way out for many people, but when they decide to try drugs, they don't realize the devastating effects drugs can have on their life. Not only do drugs alter the mind, but they can have long term effects, including the longest of them all, death.

If your friends offer drugs to you, be strong and say "no", and stick to it! You must value your own life, because it is the only one you'll get. So please try to live it to the fullest. When you start taking drugs, it is the beginning of the end. Only you can choose between the good life and the bad life. Once you start taking drugs, it is very difficult to stop, so why start in the first place?

If you feel that you have a problem with drugs, please feel free to write to me, and I will do my best to help you.