(Published in the August 1987 issue of NINJA magazine.)

A "shadow" moved across New York City in late February as ninja actor Sho Kosugi visited the Big Apple to attend the opening of his new movie, Rage of Honor. While in New York, Kosugi also lectured to aspiring cinematographers at the School of Visual Arts on the subject of martial arts choreography. On hand were members of James Loriega's NINPOKAI dojo, whose brief demonstration preceded Kosugi's own exhibition of screen-style self defense. After the demonstrations, the veteran star of over six ninja films took time out with ninja fans for autographs, photographs and to, of course, answer questions from the press concerning his new film.

Rage of Honor is Kosugi's latest movie on the big screen and, while the formula plot and action appeared on a level with previous releases, the film's production was slicker than usual. The film features the martial artist-turned-actor in a story that has all the stunts and gadgets one has come to expect from the ninja movie genre. This time however, Kosugi assumes a "James Bond-like" character who only wears black when he dons a tuxedo. A modern-day ninja, so to speak. The film packs lots of action and Kosugi even manages to pull out a few ninja-type gadgets that are appropriate for undercover agents.

NINJA readers will recall that Kosugi was the subject of a recent article (see NINJA #20). In an interview, Kosugi stated that Rage of Honor represents a departure from the typical black garbed ninja-hero he normally plays. And smiling, he confidently assured us that his next endeavor will be even better still.