(Report of the June 25, 2000 event.)

The birthday event started with the introduction of SKI and its Hollywood graduate student James Okada (he is Japanese and will help SKI classes in Japan. Sho named his middle name). As usual, Sho was really good at grabbing the audience, making us laugh, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

What follows is what I remember about Sho's speech (disordered):

** Is there a story behind your children's names?
YEEEEEEEESSS!! Thank you for asking!! (laughs) I was thinking to name my kids from movies, and I named Kane from "Citizen Kane". And for the next kid, I was looking for a name that ends [ne], and took from "Shane! Come back!". (laughs again) When Ayeesha was born, I was also looking for a name that ends [ne] and thought "Jane", etc. but nothing hit me. I liked the sound "yeesha" and chose "Ayeesha" for my daughterís name. I've heard that there is no name written like her "Ayeesha" with double "e". There is one "e" Ayeesha. My friends told me itís a good name cuz it sounds great. -> He also told us his kids' Japanese names: Kane Takeshi, Shane Tomoya, Ayeesha Erisa.

** Cornea Operation (He had it this year or last year...I forgot...)
I had an operation for my corneas, and the operation is very quick, I guess it took 6 to 8 mins each! It was amazing, I could see very well right after the operation. But, you are not supposed to take a shower for 2 weeks after the operation. Do you know what I did? I wore swimming goggles when I took a shower. (LOL) All of my family has bad eyes, so I took this operation first to make sure thereís no problem, and then, if its okay, I'll let Kane do it, and then Shane.

** Why do you have such beautiful teeth?
Tell you the truth..... most of my teeth are implants. Cuz I broke my teeth when I was working as a stunt man. I also had an accident where a spear stabbed my mouth and upper teeth. (we were all amazed) Well, I didnít tell anybody, that's all. I had plastic surgery and now its completely okay. (and he smiles). So, Iím still going to the dentist to care for my implants. Having implants takes a long time. For my eyes, it was really quick and no pain, but implants are very painful. Actually, they drill my bones.... A good point about the American people is that they take care of their teeth. Kane and Shane had braces too. (They sure have good teeth... especially Kane!)

** The secret of his health
I drink a lot of water every day. Not a few litters. I drink more than 10 litters. I take meals two times a day, and eat fruits and stuff in the morning.

** As an actor, is there a Japanese director you want to work with?
I donít know many Japanese directors, cuz I only appeared on "Ryukyu no Kaze", "Kyokuto Kuroshakai" aaaaand... aaaaaand.... (then I said Sei Ryu Densetsu. haha) Sei Ryu Densetsu. Maybe it will be great if I can be in a film by Kaizo Hayashi, who was the director of "Cat's Eye". (a fan asked Sho "how 'bout Takeshi Kitano?") What Kitano is looking for in his movie is different from what I am looking for. I like simple movies, like the old Japanese movie "Kurama Tengu". I don't like ones that make me think for a while after watching. I love American movies.

** Do you care about the nationality of your children's partner?
I won't say aaaanything to them, whether they choose Japanese, American, African or any other nationalities. She/He is the one my child chose, so I will accept them. I don't have any right to say anything at all.

** You must miss your wife, having spent a pretty long time in Japan recently.
No problem because we had way harder time before, when I could only be at home for 60 days in one year. My wife is very busy taking care of Ayeesha and now going on a trip for Ayeesha's Golf Summer School at Stanford Univ. She is doing really good with everything and I do appreciate her a lot. For me, I am focusing on SKI business now and we are planning to have schools in Osaka and Korea too.

** What do you think about slapping your kids?
I slapped my kids to get them on their life plan. I slapped all my kids, including Ayeesha. But DONíT slap them when they are over 10 years old, or they will turn to the wrong side. I agree with rigid discipline!

** Kane's Picture Book will be on sale soon (middle of July... forgot the exact date)
Book title is kinda like: Kane Kosugi 43 tips to make success. Sho: Why? 43? Cuz the pages end around that number, that's why (we all laughed)

** Shane arrived about one hour late, cuz he had been doing some shooting for Muscle Ranking.
Sho said Shane became a regular on the Muscle Ranking program!! woooo hooooo! Oh my, he was totally different than watching him on TV. Very slim, and had a sharp face, etc. His voice is exactly the same as Kane's. haaaaa, I like his attitude. Oh, when Sho and Shane were talking they spoke in English.

** Question and answer session with Shane:

Q: Do you have a girlfriend? Or anyone you like?
A: No I don't have any.

Q: How Ďbout friends?
A: I made friends though.

Q: Have you ever seen Kane Fan's homepage?
A: Yes. Sometimes

Q: Which homepage?
A: Well, there are about 5 HPs... They are interesting....

Q: Which part was interesting?
A: BBS. "I ate xxxx today" etc. (LOL)

Q: What music CD have you bought recently?
A: Ken Hirai